Slim Down Results


Every season, Bounce Aerobics holds a 6-8 week SLIM DOWN CHALLENGE! During this challenge, participants either get measured or are given nutrition advice each week for 6-8 weeks (depending on the challenge). At the end of the challenge, the top three biggest "losers" win a gift bag/basket full of Bounce, Zumba®, & Turbo Kick® clothes, accessories and other goodies! 

Here are the top three "losers" from our last challenge from July-August 2011!


Week 1 Week 6








From February 11th til May 1st, 2011, over 45 of our Bounce Aerobics Class Attendees participated in the SLIM DOWN CHALLENGE! This was an 8 week program where participants got measurements taken weekly and then took atleast 3 classes a week. Below are SOME of our members' BEFORE & AFTER PICS along with their total inches lost! We are so proud of everyone!

Week One Week Eight Results
 Ashley Perez B.jpg  Ashley Perez A.jpg OUR WINNER! Ashley Perez lost over 6 inches overall & took 2.9% off of her mid section's body fat %!
 Maggie Rich B.jpg  Maggie Rich A.jpg Maggie Rich came in 2nd place losing over 5 inches overall!!
 Dawn Cordy B.jpg  Dawn Cordy A.jpg Dawn Cordy lost over 4.5 inches overall!
 Nichole Lewis B.jpg  Nichole Lewis A.jpg Nichole Lewis lost 3.75 inches overall!
 Dana Dennstedt B.jpg  Dana Dennstedt A.jpg Dana Dennstedt lost over 2 inches overall!!
 Lorraine Hay B.jpg  Lorraine Hay A.jpg Lorraine Hay lost over 1.5 inches overall!